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Re:Synthesis 8MU SEM Panel Type-D

Product no.: REMU-SEM-8-AVR

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8MU wide panel designed to mount an original Oberheim (or newer Tom Oberheim) SEM module with comprehensive patch points. The SEM can be any variant, as all the headers are present on them regardless of which unit they are from. The SEM is positioned to the right of the panel. The panel includes a 1MU wide section that is designed to mount four attenuverters.

This adaptation requires considerable skills and should not be undertaken by those who are not confident with the wiring that will be required.

If there is enough demand, a pcb for wiring and normalizing the jacks may be considered.

PCBs for the attenuverters can be obtained from Thonk: https://www.thonk.co.uk/shop/fonitronik-attenuverter-chicklet/

Jacks: 9.5mm

Pots: 7mm

Rail Mounting holes: 5mm


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5 - 5 of 5 results