Product no.: YUMU-ADSR-A

5U high x  1MU wide panel for the Yusynth ADSR project. This panel has graduations for  1" (25mm) knobs Pushbutton hole will be reduced to 7mm from previous issues to allow use of smaller switches once current stock exhausted. The hole may easily be enlarged with the hand reamer if required.

Potentiometer holes: 8.00mm

Push switch hole:      12.7/7.00mm

LED hole:                 6.35mm

Jack socket holes:     9.50mm

Cabinet rail holes:      5.00mm

Yusynth ADSR Project

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Product no.: HREAM-01

This useful tooll lets you safely enlarge holes without the need for any additional equipment. Unlike conventional drills, a reamer will maintain the roundness of a hole (drills often make a trilobular shape) and it will not "snatch" and spin the panel around like a deadly knife! By far the easiest method of enlarging the punched holes in panels and a bargain too!

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