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The Re:Synthesis mounting PCB converts the mounting dimensions to the original specification. It will be nescessary to remove the original mounting ears from the rocker switch to fit this.

Spacers will be required to set the correct distance behind the panel.

The PCB is with a solder-through GreenCoat and switch pins are brought out to a row of 0.256" spaced solder pads.

**Switch not included**


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DPDT-Rocker-Switch-Black DPDT-Rocker-Switch-Black
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DPDT-Rocker-Switch-Blue DPDT-Rocker-Switch-Blue
£3.10 *
DPDT-Rocker-Switch-Red DPDT-Rocker-Switch-Red
£3.10 *
DPDT-Rocker-Switch-White DPDT-Rocker-Switch-White
£3.10 *
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