Product no.: REMU-HEX-SS1BK

5U high x  1MU wide panel for a single channel sequencer utilising the "Universal" sympleSEQ PCB from The project is intended to be used with a biased ON-ON-(ON) toggle switch to provide the "Run-Hold-Reset" functionality. PCB mounting is via threaded pillars and screws, available seperately. This panel has graduations for 9 "small serrated" knobs

Step Potentiometer holes: 7.00mm

Rate Potentiometer hole: 7.5mm

Jack socket holes:     9.50mm

R-H-R Toggle Switch hole:  6.35mm

Step Toggle Switch holes: 5.00mm

LED holes: 5.00mm

PCB Mounting holes: 3.20mm

Cabinet rail holes:      5.00mm

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Delivery weight: 64 g

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Product no.: K-SR-13-9

The small serrated knob in black ABS with silver "spun" insert suits the Hexinverter sympleSEQ projects. With grub-screw to fit shafts up to 6.35mm (0.25") diameter.


Supplied in a pack of 9 konbs to suit a single sequencer or one channel of a dual unit

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