Euro-Rack Custom panels

Euro-Rack Custom panels

Euro rack has become the defacto standard for compact modular synthesizer systems. Popularised by the likes of Dieter Doepfer and also Bob William's Analog Systems in the early days, this has now spread to become the most widespread panel format.

Produced in either a high quality satin anodised aluminium or matte black anodised aluminium, both 2mm thick.

Graphics can be applied in a number of ways. The most common method is sub-surface print with satin silver anodising. This transfers ink into the surface layer prior to sealing it in permanently to the saphire hard anodising. Re:Synthesis utlises modern direct digital print systems to acheive superior high resolution full colour graphics including continuous tone photographic images.

For a more period look, the photo-chemically etched matte black anodised finish gives extremely crisp cut-in graphics which are highly legible under all lighting conditions.

Either satin silver or matte black can be imprinted using our state of the art digital UV system for stunning full colour, white, 3d contour and gloss over varnish effects. The system can replicate the classic look of screen print but takes print possiblilties to another level for low volume production from just one off, previously impractical using traditional methods.

Panels are often referred to as 3U high (133.4mm 5.25") but are actually nominally 128.5mm high due to the allowance for the mounting rails. Width is a multiple of 5.08mm (0.2") referred to as HP, with mounting holes on centres at a multiple of this. Due to manufacturing limitations the minimum panel width is 4HP.

It is possible to supply full 3U height panels in Euro width increments or "Frac" increments of 1.5" if specified.


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Custom 1MU panel

Product no.: REMU-C-1MU

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