About us

About us

Re:Synthesis is the brainchild of Ben Marshall, a long time "synthnut" himself, dating back from studio work in the late Eighties. Frustrated by the lack of decent looking commercially available modular synth panels, he decided to put his mind to making them himself. Starting with just a handful of panels, demand from fellow synth DIY enthusiasts grew via the new medium of the internet and before long it became a full time occupation.  Re:Synthesis now supplies a growing number of commercial module manufacturers, including some of the most recognised names in the business, along with the broader DIY community.

Re:Synthesis' manufacturing is all undertaken in Bookham, Surrey. All production is done in-house, combining the latest available technology such as direct digital solvent and UV flatbed printing, CNC jig drilling etc with the best traditional techniques such as screen printing and photo-chemical etching. The workshops are not ideally suited to entertaining, so please ensure you make an apointment as some days it is not possible to accept visitors.

Re:Synthesis also operates a fully featured recording studio facility in Surrey for the development of customers projects and products. A broad range of classic and contemporary electronics are available at clients disposal, from analogue mono and polysynths, vintage digital synths, hardware sequencers to outboard. Recording media ranges from the latest Cubase 8.5 suite though varous legacy digital recorders to classic Studer 2 track magnetic tape.

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