MU Custom panels

MU Custom panels

Photo-etched anodised aluminium with folded edges. Originating from the format chosen by the legendary Bob Moog has become the classic large format in modular systems.

Produced in a high quality matte black anodised aluminium

with chemically etched graphics it's supremely easy to view in all angles of light unlike sub-surface process.

Sides are traditionally folded back at right angles for extra strength with cut-outs top and bottom for mounting rails.

Panels are nominally 8.75" high and are a multiple of 2.125" wide with mounting holes on the same centres. A variant known as CP (Console Panel) are a reduced height option traditionally used in the lower row of cabinets. These CP panels are the same width multiple but are 5.6" high nominally. Original systems used a length of piano hinge for the lower mounting of the CP modules and this required a different mounting hole pitch. Please specify if original or symetrical mounting holes are required when ordering CP sized panels.

Artwork    Ideally artwork should be supplied in a vector originated pdf format. Please use an RGB colourspace with allgraphics to be etched should be in white R255, G255 B255 (Hex #FFFFFF) on a black R0,G0,B0 (Hex #000000) background. All text should be converted to curves on export to pdf to avoid font mis-matches.

If possible, please supply a version with the finished graphic as it should show and a version with a key or colour coding to show the hole sizes. One of the greatest causes of delays in producing custom panels is when there are unspecified elements, so please try to list all the details you can.

We can of course design panels from sketches but these will invariably take longer or in some cases cost more if graphic design/editing is required.

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Custom 1MU panel

Product no.: REMU-C-1MU

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