Re:Synthesis Korg SQ-1 Euro Panel

Product no.: REEU-KOR-SQ1-A

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Panel for mounting the Korg SQ-1 step sequencer into a 42 HP 3U Euro panel. The sequencer needs to have the case front panel removed which is partly stuck with adhesive strips. The rear chassis then screws to the new panel using the original screws. A USB-B plug to panel mount USB-B socket cable will be available to bring the USB access to the front of the unit. In addition, provision for a 3.5mm jack to MIDI 5 pin DIN is made to eliminate the need for the easily lost Korg adaptor lead! If users wish, the MIDI socket may be soldered to the pcb to eliminate the need to use a stereo 3.5mm patch cable. In addition, those more technically minded may consider fitting a small voltage regulator to allow the sequencer to be powered from the systems main PSU, otherwise the sequencer maintains it's battery power in the normal compartment.

Please note that your Korg warranty will be voided by dissasembling the unit to fit into this panel!

Jack Socket hole :     8.00mm (Cliff insulated type)

DIN socket hole:       18.00mm

PCB Mounting holes:  3.0mm

Rail mounting holes:  3.2 x 6.35mm



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USB B Type Male to Female 30cm 90 degree USB B Type Male to Female 30cm 90 degree
£2.95 / unit(s) *
Deltron 5 pin DIN panel socket Deltron 5 pin DIN panel socket
£3.50 *
3.5mm 3 pole switched chassis socket 3.5mm 3 pole switched chassis socket
£1.35 *
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