5U Custom panels

5U Custom panels

5U format came about from Paul Schreiber's MOTM (Module Of The Month?) rival system to Roger Arrick's reincarnation of the MU format module. The MOTM panel is 5U (8.75"/222.25mm) high like the MU format but have a width multiple based on "U" (1.75"/44.45mm) as well. The panels are traditionally flat aluminium of around 3mm to 3.2mm (0.125") Unlike MU (Dotcom) panels, 5U (MOTM) feature mounting holes in the corners

5U panels can be supplied in either a 3mm matte black anodised aluminium with photo-chemically etched graphics or satin black poweder coated 3mm aluminium with UV or screen printed graphics



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Custom 1MU panel

Product no.: REMU-C-1MU

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